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FanFiciton by spike312

J.K. Rowling: About the Author
Mary GrandPre': About the American Illustrator
Fan Art
Emerson/Melissa Interview w/ JKR
FanFiciton by spike312
HP Gallery

Summary:In the seventh year at Hogwarts, a strange American student comes to Hogwarts. He has odd coincidences with Harry, such as the identical scar. Can he be the link to destroy Voldemort?
Book Seven
Summary:The Marauders meet and arrive at Hogwarts, doing what they do best, pranking. But things go awry with a sleek, blonde haired teen and a greasy haired first year. And an attractive young first year with fiery red hair…

Excerpt: “Oh, bloody hell. Little brother, straight ahead.” Sirius whipped the tapestry around to hide himself.

“I already saw you, Sirius.” Regulus said indifferently.

Sirius came out. “Whatever you want, you’re not getting it,” He growled.

“I don’t want anything.” Regulus responded. Sirius gave a barking laugh.

“Oh, you always want something-a ride on my broom, or spying for Mum, or one of my Famous Witches and Wizards cards, or to borrow my chess set or to play Gobstones six times in a row. Just leave us alone.”

“But-I-” Regulus stuttered. James saw tears welling up in the small boy’s eyes but he felt no remorse. Obviously neither did Sirius, for he instantly pulled a Dungbomb out of his cloak pocket, set it off, and planted it directly in Regulus’s trousers. He began crying right away.

“Mum told you to stop doing that! It stains my pants!” Regulus screamed. Sure enough, stains began forming around Regulus’s groin area. It looked as if he had soiled himself. With another cry of rage, Regulus ran into a crowd of adults, yelling for his mummy.
Marauder Era

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